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Un Email

Social Rooms

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People & Culture

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Non-Intrusive Management

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Social Flows

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Enterprise Drop Box

UnMail at a glance Efficiency, productivity and spending time on social networks may sound like contradictory terms, but Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) actually wants companies to believe that they can actually achieve even more that these at work... Read more

  • Social Rooms

    Create team workspaces of different types to blueprint the organization or create online distribution groups

  • Social Flows

    Rationalize services and processes with conversational workflows

  • Non-Intrusive Management

    Enable transparent reviews, analysis, tracking and monitoring by stakeholders and customers

  • My Private Wall

    Connect privately with people or rooms

  • Knowledge Gold Copy

    Centralize, proliferate and evolve all forms of organization and team knowledge

  • People Culture

    Engage employees with visibility, empowerment, appreciation and ability to socialize

  • My Public Wall

    Provide a public 360 view profile for others to browse, network or follow

  • Social Learning

    Ask the experts or share solutions with Live knowledge streams

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